What are Rope Worms?

Have you ever done a parasite cleanse or gut detox and found stringy goo in you poo, and thought: what are these gross looking things coming out of me?

There are several theories of what these gooey things are. Some theories include parasites and rope worms, others speculate mucus and mucoid plaque. Check out this interesting article about rope worms and the different theories surrounding gut health. 

When it comes to the goo in your poo, after you witness the "fallout", one thing is for sure: you will want to continue your parasite cleanses as a way to keep your body you.

I mean think about it...Parasites are nonhuman beings that have the ability to control our thoughts, feelings, nutrition levels, energy levels, sleep patterns, if we grind our teeth or if our butt itches. Wouldn't you want to rid your entire body of these rascals?

The next time you go number two, don't flush! Instead, take a long skewer and poke around in your poop. What you find may surprise you...